Boris Johnson Calls For More Military Assistance To Ukraine

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  1. I’m not sure if she’s a reptilian or not.
    The turtleneck is suspicious.
    Turtlenecks have had a bad reputation since the turn on the century.

  2. Finland can’t fully join Nato if Ukraine lose the war. It means Russia can knock on their doors if they do such things that “threatens” Russia. I don’t see the war ending soon too. How countries fight for each territory, means it’s a fight to the end. Hope it won’t escalate to a global conflict though, because it will be a great reset for humanity after.

  3. Take away the american taxpayer money paid to all the nato nations to parrott Biden’s talking points. Take away all the for-hire-patriots, bought by US tax payer money. Then lets see all those patriots from poland, finland who want to throw away their lives for ukraine. LOL
    All the “cope” and “help” this lady is taking about is really ” give me more US taxpayer money.. Trillion dollars for one year spend, is not enough. Keep giving”

  4. Ох, Санька, красивая ты баба, только неумная. Европейские галантерейщики и американский кардинал. Воспользуйся собственным советом и прекращай быть вести себя наивно. Америка вас продаст, купит и еще продаст, не задумываясь. Вы же следом за украинцами в топку будете брошены. Штаты будут воевать с Россией до последнего европейца и не поперхнутся.

  5. Finland fought Russia, the Soviets sent 1.2 million troops and 1 million were killed lost 25,900 tanks and 2,000 planes while the Finn’s lost only 25k soldiers 25 tanks and 65 planes. Seems like the Soviets throw bodies at there problems 😆 what a loof!!!

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